2014 Country Infrastructure Capacity (CIC) Survey of Latin American Countries – Results



2014 Country Infrastructure Capacity (CIC) Survey of Latin American Countries

Sponsored by The Inter-American Development Bank & Trimble
September 2014

Survey Objective

  • The overall objective is to assess strengths and weaknesses in Latin America’s ability to invest productively, and on a sustained basis, in strategic infrastructure.
  • The region has been unable to build infrastructure for over a decade, and in many cases since the early 1980s.
  • The results are clear – a drag on GDP growth, and more importantly opportunity creation – particularly in relation to the rest of the developing world (GDP/capita figures have grown more slowly in Latin America than in other emerging markets).
  • In the following pages we both pinpoint areas of weakness and strength, and use comments from participants (553 executives answered the survey) to identify policy initiatives.