2016 Strategic 100 Latin American Infrastructure Report


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Strategic 100 Latin American Report
Full access to all report data in one easy to navigate Excel spreadsheet.
Quarterly updates: Receive an executive report each quarter updating all projects included on the Strategic 100.
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Advertise your company on GViP through a company profile and exclusive content that will be shared directly with members, especially including project owner/operators.
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 About the Strategic 100 Reports

The Strategic 100 Projects reports are CG/LA’s annual lists of the top infrastructure projects in regions that complement our Leadership Forum series. By focusing on future projects we capture the true reality and the opportunities of the global infrastructure market – there really is no other unit of measure as direct and timely for this marketplace.

Projects are selected using six distinct criteria, from a list of more than 2,000 projects in our Strategic Projects Database. The six criteria are:

  • Contribution to global, regional, and national competitiveness;
  • Contribution to local and regional economic productivity;
  • Job creation potential over the lifetime of the project;
  • Business opportunity in the next 3-18 months, and over the lifetime of the project;
  • Carbon efficiency / Sustainability;
  • State’s track record for delivering projects on schedule and within budget.

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