2018 Strategic 100 Global Infrastructure Report


$644 billion in infrastructure projects. The 2018 Strategic 100 provides unique insights into the trends affecting global infrastructure over the upcoming year.


Download the 2018 Strategic 100 Global Infrastructure Report, a comprehensive listing of over $600 billion in projects spanning 14 sectors from around the globe. This year’s report includes $20 billion in Light Rail Transit project opportunities, $14 billion in Electricity Generation project opportunities, and $10 billion in Fixed Link (bridge and tunnel) opportunities, just to name a few.

What is the Strategic 100?

The Global Strategic 100 Infrastructure Projects is an annual list of 100 under-development infrastructure projects that are poised to shape the market over the coming eighteen months. The product of a focused, six-month research and analysis project, the report is intended to be a source of practical intelligence on projects coming to market across all sectors and all regions, helping to distinguish probable opportunities from undeveloped concepts and unworkable dreams.

The cross-sectoral list consists of projects drawn from all regions globally and includes transportation, energy, and water/wastewater projects. Projects on the list are all progressing through development phases, ranging from early feasibility studies and related assessments to those that are nearing construction procurement. Listings usually seek to capture the “whole project” – a high-level, policy-maker’s view of project definition; in practice, many projects on this list will be implemented via multiple phases or as focused programs of related projects.