Conti Professional Services: Sample Project Cost Estimate Analysis Report


Infrastructure Development Early Stages Project Cost Estimate Analysis: Sample report.

Getting the Right Estimate Early!


Executive Summary

Every project needs a second opinion on its initial cost estimate, period. Conti Professional Services (“CPS”) provides this service, quickly and efficiently to Developers. If you are, right now, thinking through the cost estimates for your next project, what is the best way to get it right? Everyone uses second opinions, and that might be a good approach for your project. Conti Professional Services provides detailed, quick and cost effective second opinions based on 110 years of data, brought to you by a highly motivated staff.

This Report provides an example of the type of data your firm could expect to receive for your project. Regardless of whether it’s in the very early phases of Development, or whether preliminary engineering has been performed, CPS can provide you with your project’s cost information, tailored to your needs.

This Report is based on a combination of information provided by the Developer and data collected by CPS throughout Conti’s 110 year history in development and construction of infrastructure projects, and maintained for current markets.

CPS utilizes advanced HCSS Heavy Bid® estimating software to compile detailed project cost estimates. HCSS software, combined with CPS’ in-house historical cost and estimate data for a wide variety of scope types, can be used to complete an independent estimate.