Critical Analysis on NELP-X Opportunity: Helping Make a Go or No-Go Decision



Produced by: InfraInsights
Published:  March 1, 2014
Country:  India
Sector:  Energy
Pages: 89
Format: PDF


At InfraInsights, we believe that the apparent opportunities (involving NELP-X) need to be taken with a grain of salt, when the sector as a whole is currently faced with a number issues and challenges.

InfraInsights’ report on NELP-X is thoughtfully designed to give a panoramic view of the Indian Oil & Gas sector and help investors make Go or No-Go decisions for the upcoming NELP bidding.


Table of Contents:


1. Executive Summary

2. Outlook on India’s energy balance and primary energy supply source mix

3. Outlook on India’s Crude Oil and Natural Gas demand

4. Outlook on India’s Crude Oil import and import mix historic trend

5. Price curves of Crude Oil and Natural Gas in India

6. Understanding of the requirement of Crude Oil based on the current and evolving refining capacity in the country

7. Outlook on India’s long-term planning for Crude Oil tie-up

8. Indian E&P sector: Historic outlook on policy framework, NELP bidding, type of blocks, companies who had participated, success rate, discovery, production curves, etc

9. Broad outlook of state-wise and basin-wise Oil & Gas fields in India

10. Broad outlook of unconventional gas in India

11. Broad analysis of the success/failure of NELP, in terms of attracting private (domestic and international) players interest and outlook towards Indian E&P business

12. Case Study: Select major E&P companies in India, discussing: entry into the Indian E&P sector, growth & evolution, allotted blocks, status of discovery, financial health, etc

13. Critical analysis of PSC vs Revenue Sharing Mechanism highlighting key advantages and shortfalls

14. Critical analysis of blocks on offer in NELP-X

15. Geographical mapping and high-level analysis of NELP-X blocks vis-à-vis existing blocks (offered in NELP and Pre-NELP stage), in order to understand:

  • Level of E&P activity in the nearby blocks/regions
  • Understanding the E&P companies already present in the region
  • Understanding of type of discovery and success rate in the nearby region
  • Proven reserve size and production profile (if available) in the nearby region
  • The above analysis will support in gauging (at a further level, though still at a very preliminary stage) the likely profile of the blocks on offer in NELP-X, in order to give some idea to the interested bidders, in addition to the technical information already made available by the DGH

16. Critical analysis of consumer market of Oil & Gas in India, including their price elasticity

17. InfraInsights view-point

18. Conclusion


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