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Product Description

What is a Project Accelerator Subscription?

A Project Accelerator subscription is our most robust product.  It is designed for large institutional clients that are developing or financing infrastructure projects.  The subscription provides full access to our global, online digital infrastructure community to meet your unique needs.  Subscribers are able to promote projects, create communities around emerging issues, raise awareness about projects, seek expertise, exchange lessons learned and establish themselves as leaders within the global infrastructure community.  This subscription will provide value throughout the life-cycle of each of your projects, especially during the concept and design phases when subscriber clients have the most need to connect with GViP’s expansive list of experts, vendors, and investors.

How does it work?

Your projects will be searchable by our community of experts either through manual searches or through our algorithms.  Our team will work with you on up to 15 of your project profiles to ensure they reach the exact audience you need.  Experts and other public sector professionals will be able to find your project and you will be able to search GViP to find them. The Project Accelerator subscription allows you to acutely research, analyze and target our entire community in order to connect with relevant experts.  The collaboration with fellow infrastructure planners and developers, through private chat rooms, will be immensely useful to help avoid pitfalls while benefiting from lessons learned.


1. Centralized communications Platform that saves you time and money.  All project details and POCs are accessible by banks, insurance companies, regulatory agencies, etc.

2. Private chat rooms for secure discussions with experts

3. Analytics & reports – custom reports and access to metrics

4. Leadership forums – registration for 9 participants per year

5. Your Projects accessible directly to vendors/experts/investors

6. Personalized Concierge service by CG/LA Infrastructure GViP guru

7. Project Visibility to the global infrastructure community


GViP provides a digital extension of the world class value provided by CG/LA’s leadership forums 24/7/365.