Harvard/IDB Infrastructure 360 Awards Case Study: LOS COCOS WIND PROJECT –DOMINICAN REPUBLIC



Los Cocos Windfarm is located in the South Western region of the Dominican Republic between Juancho and Los Cocos in the province of Pedernales. The 77.2 MW windfarm was completed in two phases: 25.2 MW in 2011 and 52 MW in 2012 by project developer Empresa Generadora de Electricidad HAINA (EGE HAINA).

Wind energy is considered a low impact source of energy because it does not generate emissions, require large amounts of water during operation, nor does it produce hazardous waste. The only limitations associated with wind energy production comes with its dependence on a constant source of moving air, meaning its viability as an alternative source of energy depends on the wind turbines’ location. The Pedernales peninsula was chosen specifically for its favorable wind conditions.

The project consists of 40 wind turbine generators with an installed capacity of 77MW. The National grid under the supervision of the National Interconnected Electricity system distributes the resulting electricity. The projects’ replacement of fossil fuels displaces approximately 160,000 tons of CO2 emissions.


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