Industry X-Ray from Infrastructure Stakeholders


While much has been written and discussed about the infrastructure investment gap in the United States, CG/LA Infrastructure has released the results of a national survey pointing to a substantive solution.   Industry X-Ray from Infrastructure Stakeholders is the result of polling infrastructure professionals around the country as part of CG/LA’s Blueprint 2025 initiative to deliver a national infrastructure plan to the next U.S. Presidential Administration.


Download today to read infrastructure solutions from infrastructure professionals from each region of the country and fifteen economic sectors, with the greatest number of responses representing engineering and construction firms, followed closely by members of the public sector.

The results have created a solution around ten key themes and eighteen specific recommendations designed to double our level of infrastructure investment, and nearly double our per capita income by 2025.  The survey consisted of seven questions, each providing respondents an opportunity to add a free response comment.

Several key results emerged from the survey; respondents agreed that the infrastructure sector faces a range of broad challenges and 67 percent stated that they were dissatisfied, or very dissatisfied, with the way the infrastructure issues are being addressed in the current presidential campaign cycle.  When asked what specific recommendations were crucial to infrastructure revitalization, 69 percent of respondents answered that the country needs the articulation of a long-term vision to guide infrastructure investment.