InfraInsights Weekly Newsletter: Energy and Infrastructure



Produced by: InfraInsights
Published:  Weekly
Country:  India
Sector:  Energy
Format: PDF

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About InfraInsights Weekly Newsletter

InfraInsights Weekly is a newsletter that captures news related to the Indian energy and infrastructure sectors as well as InfraInsights’ commentary on these topics. The Newsletter focuses on areas like policy and regulatory changes, project status, state of finance and other critical developments that are likely to change the dynamics of these sectors.


What is different in the newsletter?

InfraInsights Weekly is a unique newsletter which not only captures critical weekly developments but also provides InfraInsights’ view on how these developments are likely to impact the industry at large. Every day, InfraInsights analysts scans all the new developments and filter the ones that have larger influence on the energy & infrastructure sector and include an “InfraInsights PoV” section as well.




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