National Infrastructure Plan 2014




HM Treasury

Executive Summary:

Improving the UK’s productivity is a vital element of the government’s Long-Term Economic Plan. High-quality infrastructure boosts productivity and competitiveness, allowing businesses to grow and enabling them to reach suppliers, deepen labour and product markets, collaborate and innovate and attract inward investment.

The choices that we make about infrastructure enable us to shape the type of economy and society that we want for the future. Infrastructure has the capacity to unlock economic potential in individual regions and ensure that growth and opportunities are distributed across the country, while also creating networks which bind together the different parts of the UK. Investment in infrastructure also helps the government to deliver new housing and business development where it is most needed.

The National Infrastructure Plan 2014 (NIP 14) sets out an ambitious infrastructure vision for the next parliament and beyond, reinforcing the government’s commitment to investing in infrastructure and improving its quality and performance. It is underpinned by a pipeline of over £460 billion of planned public and private investment. 1

The government is prioritising the public funding of infrastructure, putting in place the right policy framework to give investors the confidence to commit to long-term projects, and ensuring the supply chain has the certainty and tools it needs to deliver effectively. It recognises the importance of getting the fundamentals right – delivering our key projects and programmes on time and on budget – while also addressing longer-term challenges: integration, resilience, skills, and sustainability.