Shale Gas in India: Does It Hold Potential to Change the Gas Outlook in India from Deficit to Surplus?



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Published:  April 20, 2013
Country:  India
Sector:  Energy
Pages: 360
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The unlocking of domestic shale gas reserves could help India meet its growing energy demand, besides reducing its dependence on expensive energy imports. In addition, the development of the domestic shale gas industry could boost the economy. However, this emerging industry will have to be promoted by balancing economic benefits with environmental and social issues.  This report will focus on details surrounding the demand for these services and the need to address social concerns as well as regulatory necessities.


Table of Contents:



1.      Executive Summary

2.     Shale Gas – Its Existence

  • Unconventional Gas Reservoirs
  • Resource Triangle
  • Gas Shales
  • Hydrocarbon Source
  • Kerogen Maturit

3.     From pore to wellhead

  • Introduction to oil and gas exploration & production
  • Gauging shale gas reservoirs
  • Building shale wells
  • Shale Stimulation
  • Economics of shale plays

4.     Shale Gas Basins in India

  • Cambay Basin
  • Gondwana Basin
  • Assam-Arakan Basin
  • Krishna-Godavari Basin
  • Cauvery Basin

5.     Global Shale Gas Scenario

  • World Shale Gas Resources outside US
  • Opportunities & Risks

6.     Natural Gas Supply-Demand Supply in India

  • Dynamics of Natural Gas Markets
  • Modeling Methodology
  • Demand Forecasts- Various Sources
  • Implications

7.     Natural Gas Policy in India

  • Supply-Demand Analysis
  • Gas Utilization Policy in India
  • Pricing
  • Conclusions

8.     Safety Issues and Risk Management – Policy Perspectives

  • Surface Operations
  • Well Integrity
  • Fracture Propagation
  • Induced Seismicity
  • Risk Management
  • Regulating shale gas
  • Research on shale gas

9.     Shale Gas Policy in US

  • Environmental and Health Concerns
  • Influence on US Energy Policy
  • Influence on US Environment Policy
  • Related Legislations
  • Related Regulations
  • Implications for Indian policy-making

10.   Shale Gas Development Prospects & Challenges in India

  • Natural Gas Visions
  • Shale Resource Potential
  • Shale Gas Policymaking & Key Players
  • State of the Indian shale gas industry
  • US Engagement
  • Role of Technology – minimizing formation damage
  • Regulatory Infrastructure & Pricing
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Environmental/Resource Considerations

11.   Shale Gas Policy Making in India

  • Proposed Policy for Exploration & Exploitation
  • Fiscal & Contract Terms
  • Bidding & Approval Systems
  • Other Legislative information
  • Fiscal Models regulating shale gas policy in US & Canada
  • Current Gas Pricing Recommendations


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