Water Shortage to Hit Power Sector in India: Is There Enough Water to Support India’s Power Expansion?



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Published:  September 20, 2013
Country:  India
Sector:  Energy
Pages: 120
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Why Should the Industry worry? No Water, No Power!

Water in a coal-based power plant is heated and turned into steam for power. Power plants require a substantial amount of water for cooling purposes and for operations. But nearly two-thirds of India’s power plants are located in water-scarce or water-stressed areas. And nearly 80 percent of the plants planned for the future will be located in such areas. This conflict illustrates the importance of taking water related risks into account when planning future developments. Huge investments are at risk.

This report will address this issue with a focus on the demand and realistic availability of water.  It will also include trend details, benchmarks, and future projections regarding the need for water.


Table of Contents:


1. Executive Summary

2. Water Demand & Availability Scenario in India

  • Water demand & supply by states/regions
  • Water demand & supply by end users
  • Trends in per capita water consumption
  • Factors causing water strain in India – climate change

3. Water usage norms & source of water supply to power sector

  • Quality & Quantity
  • Usage norms in thermal power, hydro power, nuclear and solar thermal
  • Water requirement by different state level generation companies, IPPs, MPPs, CGS
  • Supply source in different states – sea water, fresh water, waste water

4. Estimating current & future demand for water in power sector: 2012, 2020, 2050

  • BAU Scenario – Projected Power Capacity & Demand for Power (Irrigation Water Demand & Other Industry)
  • Optimistic & Realistic Scenario – Projected Power Capacity & Demand for Power
  • Competition from other industries

5. Assessing the demand vs. supply gap for water in power sector

  • Estimated increase in water resources in India
  • Projecting the water availability across states
  • Water likely to be available for power sector

6. Water shortage risk assessment of all power plants in India

  • Current power plants  – high, medium, low
  • Planned power plants – high, medium, low

7. Risk profiling of stakeholders having assets/investments in water stressed regions

  • State Generation Companies
  • Private Utilities – Reliance, Tata, Adani, Lanco..
  • CGS – NTPC
  • Banks/Funding institutions exposure

8. Benchmarking different states of India on water availability scenario: 2012, 2020, 2050

  • Region
  • States

9. Benchmarking thermal power plants on water usage efficiency

  • Pioneers, Leaders & Laggards
  • Case studies

10. Technology Innovation to enable efficient water usage

11. Opportunities for companies providing water and waster water management solutions

12. PESTEL Analysis of water supply to industries

  • Current & emerging

13. Lessons from other geographies

  • Use of waste water in power


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